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Manly Warringah Volleyball organises many competitions, trainings and events aimed at players of every skill level to help build the volleyball community within Australia and to increase our nation’s overall volleyball standard.

Localised competitions organised include the Thursday and Sunday Mixed Social Competitions, while teams that are selected to represent Manly Warringah Volleyball compete in the Sydney Volleyball League (SVL).

Training sessions include the Wednesday Social Training, Thursday Junior Trainings, and Sunday Junior Program.

Manly Warringah Volleyball’s major organised yearly event is the Manly Cup, seeing adult teams from all over Sydney gather to play in a social yet competitive environment.

Check out the “Calendar” page on our website for the dates coming up for you in 2022! And for more information on any of Manly Warringah Volleyball's events, trainings, and events visit the specific drop-down under the "Get Involved" website banner. 

Social Competitions

Manly Warringah Volleyball encourages all members to participate in the Mixed Social Competitions which are organised throughout the year. Recently, these competitions have grown significantly in popularity, with many teams going on to play in weekend tournaments against players from all across NSW. For more information click here


Teams representing Manly Warringah Volleyball are selected to compete in the SVL competition, while also participating in some tournaments sanctioned by the Australian Volleyball Federation. For more information click here

Social Training

Training is highly supported throughout the association by the availability of the social trainings provided on Wednesday nights for adults (ages 17+) and Thursday night trainings for juniors (ages U/17).

These trainings aim to provide players with the ability to build and hone the fundamental skills of volleyball including the basics of digging, setting, and spiking, as well as some of the more advanced skills such as blocking, serving and rotations. For more information click here

Junior Program

This program is held on Sundays before the commencement of the Sunday Mixed Social Competition aiming to provide those under the age of 19 with the opportunity to learn and develop their skills and knowledge of the game. This is similar to Social Training as both the basic and advanced skills are taught and thoroughly practised, however, the Sunday Junior Program differs in that these skills and/or a combination of these skills are taught in a planned structure throughout the 10-week program. For more information click here

Manly Cup

Manly Warringah Volleyball is the proud organiser of the fabulous weekend-long tournament held at Warriewood Sports Centre known as the Manly Cup. Dates for this event are found on the Calendar page, which you can see by clicking here. For more information click here