Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Registration Requirements

Who needs to be registered?

It is a requirement by Volleyball Australia that anyone participating in club volleyball activities needs to be registered.

What level of membership do I need?

This depends upon what you are getting involved in. The below graphic shows what membership is required for each Manly Warringah Volleyball Association activity.


For more detail on what each membership type provides please read the “INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS” below.

What if I need to upgrade my membership type?

Don't worry, you can upgrade your membership type at any time throughout the volleyball year and you will only have to pay the difference in registration costs. This can be done by accessing your profile and selecting to "Upgrade" your membership status, which brings us to the next frequently asked question.

What important information do I need to remember from registering?

Your account login and password.

Having these allows you to log into your account (see the top right hand-corner of the website) providing you with access to all areas of the MWVA volleyball website (such as the individual player board) and your account details (including key registration information).

The most important item you need from your registration is your VA ID, which you will receive in a confirmation email after registering or you can find it by accessing your account (see the top right-hand corner of the website). Your VA ID is required to be used in the registration process for each activity you are getting involved in!

What are the registration costs contributing towards?

Player Identification - allowing you to be identified and eligible to participate within relevant activities.

Club investment - which is then returned to the members in the form of upgrading equipment or programs, subsides within events or competition registration, or hosting of events such as the Christmas Party.

Insurance in the event of injury - for more information please visit the Volleyball NSW Insurance page by clicking here.

Do I need to renew my membership?

Yes, volleyball registration is valid only within that volleyball year which starts on the 1st of April and ends on the 31st of March the following year.

So you need to renew on the 1st of April each year!


Membership commences each year on 1st April and expires on the 31st March of the following year.

If your membership has been archived due to the VNSW Membership Rollover, you can renew your membership without needing to sign in to your revSPORT account. Please be aware that archived member profiles are inactive in revSPORT, and you will not be able to access your profile until you renew your membership. To learn more about the VNSW Membership Rollover please click here.

Should you wish to renew or register your membership with any Volleyball NSW Affiliated Club within Revsport:

  • Renewals: please click on the RETURNING MEMBER button.

  • New Members: please click on the NEW MEMBER button.

Members who wish to upgrade their membership can do so by logging into their revSPORT profile and selecting the UPGRADE option on the left-hand side of the profile summary.


A variety of Membership options are available, please ensure you select the one that best fits your age category (U/18 or Adult) and your level of volleyball participation for the year. To learn more about Volleyball NSW Memberships please click here.

The table below provides detailed information on what the VNSW Membership options are and what they entail.

The following information provides a detailed breakdown of the steps required to Renew or Register for VNSW memberships.

Click here to view the Membership Registration Steps table,
before proceeding with your Membership Registration.